Wire Sculpture Commission Enquiry 

If you would like to discuss commissioning a wire sculpture from Derek's portfolio 

or you have a sculpture design idea of your own, please don't hesitate in contacting

us, as creative collaborations are always welcome. 

Derek has been creating handcrafted life size figurative wire sculptures as part of

"The Inner Spirit Collection" since 2007 and has worked on over 100 commissions worldwide.

Note : Derek works on a commission basis only and does not hold a stock of sculptures so please be sure to request lead time details within your enquiry.

Note : Worldwide shipping is available, contact us for details. 

How to contact


Telephone enquiry: +44 (0) 1373 825616   


Email enquiry: Simply fill in your contact details and the nature of your enquiry.

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 But Imagination will Take You
Wire Sculpture "Woodland Spirit" by Derek Kinzett

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